Gangnam style

How would you like your pork cooked?  Gangnam style.  Walking the streets, Gangnam style. Drinking beer, Gangnam style.


OK, so this game got a little wearing quite quickly not least as neither of us were that familiar with Psy’s song or video in the first place.  However, since we were in Seoul, it seemed almost rude not to check out the ‘hood of Gangnam-gu which is the key K pop part of town (not that we know anything about K pop either, other than unfortunately a young K pop star died earlier this year leading to a huge outpouring of grief in South Korea. Who it was or any details around that I can’t tell you but on a rare occasion of getting a hotel in India with BBC World TV, I recall an article about this event and all the hysteria surrounding it).

So off we went to have a wander. We may or may not have seen several K pop stars (how would we in fact know?) but given the lack of screaming groupies, I suspect we didn’t.  Also sadly we arrived way too late at the K Wave Experience Centre where we could have got dressed up and had a full K pop makeover in order to fulfil every K pop fantasy we may have had (and indeed many we would never ever have including, for example, making our own K pop video). Just imagine how much one of us in particular would have loved that opportunity!  What a shame we were too late.

The cutesy bears on K-star road, each paying homage to an individual K-wave singer or actor, none of whom we knew

We did however walk the K Star road (the equivalent of the Hollywood Hall of Fame) with its art toys symbolizing different K pop stars or groups (rather than footprints in the pavement).  Plus we visited Gangnam Square and saw the horse dancing stage put up in honour of Psy.  All a bit ironic really since the song is all poking fun at the excesses and luxurious lifestyles of those that live in this rather chic neighbourhood with all its designer boutiques plus shi-shi cafes and pop up bars as well as a large number of cosmetic / plastic surgeries.

“Gangnam Style”: Psy’s horse dancing

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