So it turns out it doesn’t only rain in India during monsoon season…


…. a fact we found out when we visited Kodaikanal for a couple of nights.  However, this town at a height of 2133m has its own micro-climate being a hill station in the Western Ghats (India’s 2nd highest mountain range after the mighty Himalayas).  The plan had been to don the walking boots, do some walking and see some spectacular views (“breath taking views of the Vaigal plain below” according to the guide book).  Although we managed a little bit of the first two (although a lot of the area is restricted and you need to go through some unnecessary bureaucracy to get a special permit), regrettably there were no real views (of any quality) to be had and we also got absolutely drenched on our first afternoon so it wasn’t the most successful side trip from our main Tamil Nadu route.

Best view we had was on the day we had to leave …. of course!

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