Bob the Builder

Peter’s voluntary work has focussed on construction projects at the local government school in one of the villages a few kilometres outside of Pokhara.  The construction team has made and painted shelves on which the children can store their bags and other effects.  They’ve also built seats around trees (from bricks and cement they’ve manually had to mix) providing much needed and welcome seating areas for the children and they have also built a rubbish pit with separate areas for combustible and non-combustible items.  Unfortunately, litter in the playground is quite a big problem: over to the teaching volunteers to try and provide further guidance on litter collection.  In addition, the construction volunteers have also reinforced the sharp points set on the top of the outside walls of the school as sadly there has been a problem of kids breaking into the school grounds and doing graffiti on the school buildings.  The last (and current) project is building a small temple/shrine in the school grounds.

Given the lack of power tools and the fact that all the raw materials have to be carried by hand up a rather narrow rocky set of “natural steps” to the school, it’s been pretty hard work but rewarding too when viewing the results he and the other construction volunteers have achieved.  Without wishing to tempt fate in any way (as the project has not yet quite finished), this has all impressively been achieved without injury.


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