So where are we going?

“Let’s go find some penguins”.  “Let’s learn Spanish”.  “I’d like to go to India”.  And then there was “Can we fit in Eritrea too?”.

With an extended period of time off, you think you have time to go everywhere and to do and see everything.  However, as the plans evolve (and the planning is certainly a very  fluid process), you realise the obvious: the world is a big place and if you are going to enjoy the trip and not just be on the road the whole time or merely collecting the coveted stamp in your passport, you simply can’t fit it all in.  And then, of course, you need to think about saving something for the next trip.

So to answer the question, the easiest thing to say is that we are starting in Eritrea and, in particular, its capital, Asmara.  Following that we head further East via Dubai to the Indian sub-continent.  I’m lucky enough to be making a return trip to India: my first trip there was in 1991 as part of my (first!) gap year and it was my first significant solo trip.  A lot of vivid memories from that trip are still indelibly imprinted in my mind and I am very excited to see what has changed in the intervening 1/4 of a century.  I wonder how much I will recognise. I know Peter is looking forward in particular to December when we start trekking in Nepal (the mountain goat in him will come to the fore).

And now back to the more mundane activity of packing and the big decision of whether to take a rucsac or a wheelie bag.   And just how many pairs of socks is the right number for the trip?


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